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St. Georges Day

2008-04-23 12:42:47 by TeabagKettle

Here, today, in the UK, its: (big pause.....):
ST GEORGES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy St Georges Day, wherever you are.

And dont forget to eat cake!

St. Georges Day


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2008-04-23 14:13:17

well done!
old chap
what about earth day!?

TeabagKettle responds:

Yes, Earth Day,....... yes I did notice that, and at my school we talked about it in Eco Council (which I am Secretary too). But it really wasn't worth making a big blog about!


2008-04-23 15:41:35

ST george wast even from the UK :| he was a greek speaking roman soldier.

TeabagKettle responds:

Yes, but he is PATRON SAINT of the English constituent country! I thought you might know that! Every constituent country of the UK has a patron saint, and that is shown in the Union Flag that represents the whole of Britain!